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Founded in 1992, the Nantucket Education Trust (NET) is a non-profit community organization. NET's mission is three-fold: to generate private support for public education on Nantucket; to foster private and public partnerships that benefit the children of Nantucket Public Schools; and to honor excellence in teaching and learning.

The Trust was established during a time when school systems throughout the country were experiencing severe financial constraints as a result of newly imposed budget caps. Often such restricted budgets covered only the basic necessities and essentials. Several Nantucket community members had learned about how other towns were forming tax-exempt, non profit organizations to generate private money for the public schools from individuals, foundations and businesses. A steering committee, consisting of school staff, parents and community members was formed. Their efforts resulted in the formation of the Trust and the subsequent development of strategies to connect the public schools with the private sector.

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The Trust, while connected to and supportive of the school system, is autonomous, and has its own by-laws and Board of Directors.

Rooted in a community distinguished by its unique history and setting, Nantucket Education Trust pursues the following goals:

  • to enhance educational opportunities on Nantucket by mobilizing private sector resources and expertise;

  • to foster alliances among business, community and school interests, and to serve as a catalyst for public and private partnerships that benefit education;

  • to promote the exchange of ideas among island schools and between our schools and those from other communities;

  • to support programs that honor excellence in teaching and learning;

Rather than duplicate the efforts of the island’s existing educational groups, including the public schools, Friends of the Nantucket Public Schools, the Community School, the island’s private schools, and numerous voluntary activities, Nantucket Education Trust will seek new ways to support existing initiatives as well as explore strategies for promoting lasting, system-wide improvements. The Trust will tap new sources that can assist teachers and students, while concurrently implementing more effective school programs.

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