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It’s going to take more than big ideas to educate our children. We need to build a bridge between theory and reality and between policy and practice. Supporting our district can help turn big ideas into reality and great schools.

Can anyone make a donation to the Trust?

YES!!! Incorporated as a not-for-profit entity with a 501(c)3 tax-exempt status, the Trust is able to receive financial gifts designated to benefit the students of the public school system, while the donors of such gifts qualify for appropriate tax deductions for their charitable contributions minus a 3% administration fee. Donating is an ideal way for everyone who cares about Nantucket to help ensure a promising future for the island’s most precious resource – our children.

For more information, or if anyone wishes to make a donation, please contact a NET Board member, call 508.228.7285 x 1163, or write NET at PO Box 3163, Nantucket, MA  02584-3163.

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