Nantucket Education Trust

Support our Mission to enhance educational opportunities on Nantucket

Welcome to Nantucket Education Trust, or NET, as we call it. This seal is our bond between NET and the children, the teachers, and the administration of the Nantucket Public School System to foster our educational environment for the betterment of our island community.

NET’s focus, since its inception in 1992, has been twofold: the development and financial support of programs to enhance and/or expand the educational experience of the children and teachers who serve this system, as well as to provide affordable housing for those serving the island schools.

Women and child looking at alphabet flash cards


Nantucket Education Trust has helped in many ways to make Nantucket’s public schools better for our island’s children and teachers.

Affordable Housing

Nantucket Education Trust rental housing is designated interim housing, reserved for teachers, administrators, and staff of the Nantucket Public School district.

Get Involved

It’s going to take more than big ideas to educate our children. We need to build a bridge between theory and reality and between policy and practice. Supporting our district can help turn big ideas into reality and great schools.

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